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The Ambush on Rome, Italy was a confrontation that took place between the Roman Emperors Marcus Antonius and Valens and the bounty hunter Calo Nord. The ambush took place in the final year of the Black Holy Crusade, outside of the Roman Collesseum. The ambush resulted in Nord and his henchmen's deaths.


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"Her companions are nothing to me, Calo—but I desire the young Jedi taken alive if at all possible."
―Darth Malak to Calo Nord, about Bastila Shan[src]

In 2011, the final year of the Black Holy Crusade, the former Roman Emperor Marcus Antnoius and amnesiac Imperial Emperor Valens assisted in the Jedi Knight Ludo for escape from the destruction of the ecumenopolis Taris. The bounty hunter Calo Nord, who attempted to halt Valens, Ludo, and their companions' escape, managed to flee Taris and had a private audience with the Sith Lord Darth Malak, the reigning Dark Lord. Nord informed Antonius and the Sith Admiral Saul Karath of Shan's escape with Revan and the Republic commander Carth Onasi's assistance. Karath and Malak hired Nord to locate and capture Shan, and kill her companions.

After traveling to the planet Dantooine, Revan was retrained as a Padawan by the local Jedi Council. After Revan completed his training, he was tasked by the Council to find an ancient Rakatan space station called the Star Forge, which was under Darth Malak's control. Revan located a second Rakatan Star Map in a krayt dragon's cave in the Eastern Dune Sea on the desert world Tatooine. After Revan examined the Star Map, Nord, along with two Rodian and two Aqualish henchmen, ambushed Revan and his companions.

The ambushEdit

Calo Nord: "You got lucky on Taris; the Sith attack saved you from a quick and gruesome death. But I promise you, the Sith won't be getting in my way this time!"
Antonius: "Hold on, Calo… maybe we can work out a deal here."
Calo Nord: "Sorry, I'm not in this for the credits. You're the only ones who've ever gotten away from me—I've got a rep to protect!"
—Calo Nord and Antonius[src]

Nord gave Antonius credit for evading him; however, Nord stated that no one could escape him in the end. When Antonius asked Nord if they could work out a deal so as to avoid fighting, Nord told him that he was not in it for the credits; rather, he had a reputation to protect. Nord and his henchmen attacked Revan and his companions, but were ultimately defeated by the former Sith Lord and his allies.

"I'd feel better if Yoda were here. Or even Kenobi. On Ord Cestus, Obi-Wan and I—"
"Yoda is pinned down on Kashyyyk, and Kenobi is out of contact on Utapau. The Dark Lord has revealed himself, and we dare not hesitate. Think not of if, Master Fisto; this duty has fallen to us. We will suffice…we will suffice. We will have to."
―Agayus and Lampolo, preparing to confront Antonius

The Showdown on Rome, Italy was a confrontation that took place in the Supreme Emperor's Suite of the Senate in the late 2010. It began after Jedi Knight Joshua informed Emperor Valens that Marcus Antonius had revealed his identity as a Sith Lord to him. Valens then gathered a team of Roman Gladiators consisting of Agayus, Callisto, Lampolo, & Kethak and attempted to arrest Marcus in his own Suite. Antonius was at first polite to the group, but when they insisted on taking him into custody, he dropped his facade, lit his Sword, and lunged at them in a violent fury. All but Windu quickly fell to the Dark Lord of the Sith and the two masters of the Force clashed. Valens cornered About Antonius, as Joshua arrived in the room.

Antonius pleaded with Nord not to kill the King. Vaelns fired a volley of Force lightning at the Emperor, who deflected it back at him. The electric currents flowing through Antonius. After the lightning faded, Antonius raised his blade to strike a killing blow and Valens panicked, cutting off Antonius's sword arm with his Father's Sword. The writhing Valens then blasted Antonius with another torrent of lightning and sent him through the window—to his death—into the streets of Rome. Joshua was ashamed of his participation in Antonius's Death and knew that the Jedi would never allow him to remain with the Order; out of options & Wasn't His fault at all ether, Joshua knelt before The Emperor and Became 1 with the force.


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=Joshua fell to his knees in shock at his participation in Agrippa's murder. Joshua congratulated him, telling Valens that he was "ready," and that he would help Joshua find the secrets to saving His Crew's life. The Emperor cautiously admitted that cheating death was a power only his Master had achieved, thus admitting he did not actually know the secret to stopping death. Inwardly, Joshua was surprised and enraged by the deception. But with no other option left, he kneeled before the man—resigned to his fate. While hoping he and his new master could discover the secret of immortality together, Joshua no longer saw Agrippa as a friend worth defending, rather merely a necessary evil worth tolerating until the time was right to take his place, after realizing that his new master had been manipulating him and the Machine Wars the galaxy-wide conflict that had been raging for more than 2 years between the Robots and the Machines—since the beginning


"Safety, security, justice and peace!"
―The chant announcing to a new world order.

Though horrified at what he had done, and what he was becoming, Joshua knew there was no turning back from his dark path, so he pledged himself to Valens in order to learn the power to cheat death. Valens named his new School and tasked him with the sterilization to the New World Order. Furthermore, to every Roman & The World's Army in the Grand Army of the Republic, Joshua issued Order 66; the armies were ordered to eliminate their Military Leaders, Generals, & Autistic People and marked all the Autism people as enemies of the Republic that got in there way. The Great Terrorism Purge had begun.

The Bronx OutLawz stormed the Temple, leading the World Order Into 1 irrisitible force, and proceeded to kill nearly every Terrorist Person within its walls. The World was set ablaze and reduced to ruins while all of Cities watched. The Emperor traveled With Joshua to the Courts of the Unknown and presented evidence of the " Autism Rebellion"; the activation of the Future of their People was digitally confirmed by The Republic agents in the audio recording, while the activation of Joshua's lightsaber was neither recorded nor analyzed. After proving to the Courts that they needed to take action, The Emperor delivered a speech that declared that the World Order was no more, and in its place was to a new Medieval Worlds & Ancient Worlds Back to it's Empire Once More.

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